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Explosions occurred near airfield in Dzhankoy in northern Crimea, causing fire

Explosions occurred near airfield in Dzhankoy in northern Crimea, causing fire Explosions in Crimea occurred today, April 17 (photo: Getty Images)

Explosions were heard and a fire broke out in the temporarily occupied town of Dzhankoy in northern Crimea early this morning, April 17, according to the Telegram channel ASTRA.

Residents report that the explosions and fire occurred in the area of the local military airfield. Judging by the photos, flames and thick smoke can be seen rising from the explosion site.

У Джанкої на півночі Криму пролунали вибухи біля аеродрому, виникла пожежа

Explosions near airfield in Dzhankoy (photo: Telegram channel ASTRA)

At the moment, no information has been reported about the causes and consequences of several explosions in Dzhankoy.

It is noted that the 39th helicopter regiment of the 27th mixed aviation division of the 4th command of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Air Defense of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation is stationed at the military airfield in Dzhankoy, consisting of three aviation squadrons.

Occupiers have turned Dzhankoy into a military base

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the occupiers have turned Dzhankoy in Crimea into a logistics center and military base.

In April, partisans in occupied Dzhankoy found a Russian army warehouse. The occupiers placed it near civilian infrastructure. Partisans also recorded the transfer of heavy equipment from the Azov Sea to Dzhankoy by Russian forces. The occupiers sent it in the Kherson direction.

Furthermore, Russian forces have established a powerful air defense system node in Dzhankoy. According to the partisans, additional anti-aircraft missile systems are deployed at the Dzhankoy airfield, which are not camouflaged in any way.