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Explosions in Moscow region: What is known

Explosions in Moscow region: What is known Photo: explosions in the Moscow region on the night of January 18 (GettyImages)

Explosions were reported in the city of Podolsk in the Moscow region of the Russian Federation overnight on January 18. Occupying forces claim it was due to the alleged downing of a drone flying towards the Russian capital, according to the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin.

Sobyanin stated that the air defense forces purportedly shot down a drone in Podolsk, which, according to him, was allegedly flying towards Moscow.

Russian Telegram channels have published several videos claiming to capture moments of explosions in Podolsk:

Explosions in Russia

Recently, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that a drone was allegedly shot down in the Saratov region, blaming Ukraine. The governor of the region clarified that the drone was destroyed over the territory of the Engelskiy district. There is an airbase Engels located there, where Russian strategic bombers - Tu-160 and Tu-95MS - are based, which Russia uses for strikes against Ukraine.

Later, Russian media claimed that there were two drones, allegedly shot down, and they fell on the territory of the military airbase Engels 2.

According to sources of RBC-Ukraine in the special services, Security and Defense Forces are responsible for monitoring drone flights to that area.

Russians also claimed a drone attack on the night of January 11. According to them, a pumping station in Kaluga was allegedly damaged.