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Explosions heard in Sevastopol

Explosions heard in Sevastopol Explosions were heard in Sevastopol (photo:

In the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, residents heard explosions during the night of April 9, according to the Telegram channels Krymskyi Veter and SHOT.

According to the Krymskyi Veter Telegram channel, subscribers heard an explosion in Sevastopol.

"Subscribers report a loud explosion in Sevastopol," the channel wrote.

Russian channels wrote before the explosion that missile danger had been declared in Crimea.

"There was a strong rumble in the center. And there is no news anywhere," subscribers of Russian channels wrote.

At the same time, readers of Russian Telegram channels wrote about an explosion from the sea.

"Sevastopol. From the sea, there was one loud bang, supposedly a drone was shot down," Russian channels wrote.

Subscribers of the Krymskyi Veter channel reported two explosions.

"Some subscribers in Sevastopol heard not one but two explosions with a short interval," the channel wrote.

The channel noted that the explosion was also heard in Yevpatoria, which is located 61 km by air from Sevastopol.

"The explosion in Sevastopol was heard to Yevpatoria," the channel administrators wrote.

The Russian Telegram channel SHOT reported on the alleged operation of air defense.

"Currently, air defense is repelling an enemy attack. As SHOT eyewitnesses reported, several loud bangs were heard in the Nakhimovsky district of the city and the waters of Sevastopol. There is no official information yet, and eyewitnesses do not report about strikes or casualties," the channel wrote.

The governor of Crimea Mikhail Razvozhaev and the Russian Ministry of Defense did not provide any comments.

The so-called governor of Crimea, Mikhail Razvozhaev, claimed that the air defense system was operating over Sevastopol.

"The loud sounds heard in the city are the result of the automatic destruction system engaging a low-flying aerial target over the maritime area near Sevastopol. No infrastructure objects in the city were damaged," Razvozhaev reported.

Explosions in Crimea

Explosions are increasingly heard in Crimea. Ukrainian intelligence has conducted dozens of operations on the peninsula and in the Black Sea, destroying Russian bases, warehouses, and ships.

Earlier, we reported that on April 5, there were also explosions in Crimea. Sounds were heard in Feodosia and the area of ​​Old Crimea. Later, an explosion was heard in Ordzhonikidze.

On March 1, explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol. An air alarm was declared in the city.