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Explosion heard after warning about missile movement in Odesa

Explosion heard after warning about missile movement in Odesa An explosion was heard in Odesa (photo:

In Odesa, early in the morning of April 20, an explosion occurred. Before this, there were reports of a hostile missile movement towards the Odesa region, according to Suspilne Odesa.

The explosion in the city area was heard around 06:44.

An air alarm was announced in the region.

The Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated, among other things, about missile danger. Also, at 06:45, the movement of a missile towards the Odesa region was reported.

Media reports also indicate that after the explosion in Odesa, a column of smoke was visible in the sky.

Oleh Kiper, head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, later announced the cancellation of the air alarm at 07:02.

Russian missile strikes on Ukraine on April 20

Closer to morning, air alarms were announced in various regions of Ukraine due to the threat of enemy air attacks, including the use of ballistic missiles and other means of attack from tactical aviation.

Around five in the morning, there were reports of explosions in Zaporizhzhia due to a missile attack from Russian forces. Additionally, the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine reported the operation of air defense systems in the region, particularly in the Odesa region.