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Evening snacks: Fitness trainer explains if it's harmful to health

Evening snacks: Fitness trainer explains if it's harmful to health Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

In today's pace of life, late dinners or snacks have become a normal practice. However, many are concerned about their health, weight, and figure.

Fitness trainer Viktor Mandziak on Facebook, discusses whether late meals harm health and weight loss.

Late-night snacks - is it a problem?

The specialist explains that it's a normal human phenomenon that is often perceived as negative.

The body constantly monitors energy expenditure and adjusts hunger and appetite so that all the calories burned by the body are compensated for by food. Scientifically, this process is known as energy homeostasis.

The desire to eat late at night usually arises in those who skip breakfast or do not eat enough for lunch. Therefore, after a workday during which you've expended a lot of energy, the body wants to replenish its reserves. This is absolutely normal, healthy eating behavior.

"The body thinks: so, my friend, you spent 1500 calories from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You had 200 calories in the morning with coffee and a sandwich, and another 600 for lunch. But, my dear, you owe me 700 calories! And ahead is a long hungry night! Come on, raid the fridge!" - explains the expert.

He also emphasizes that it's not the late snacks that are harmful but overeating, regardless of the time of day, season, moon phase, or menstrual cycle.

Can you eat sweets in the evening?

It's important to know that the liver and muscles of a person can store up to 500 grams of sugar in the form of glycogen. That means sugar is already present in the human body.

Another point is that the body continues to function during sleep. Yes, all processes slow down, but only by 5% compared to daytime activity.

Therefore, whatever you eat in the evening, the stomach will digest it overnight.

Due to the sugar content in fruits, it is also believed that they are not desirable to eat for dinner. However, if sweets don't lead to weight gain provided you don't overeat throughout the day, fruits are perfectly fine.

So, in the evening, you can eat anything. In this context, what and how much you eat throughout the week matters. In matters of food, it's good to be flexible, concludes the fitness trainer.

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