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Europe unable to defend itself independently for at least another decade, Bloomberg

Europe unable to defend itself independently for at least another decade, Bloomberg Donald Trump (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Europe may need up to three years to determine whether it can defend itself without US assistance, according to Bloomberg.

According to the material, European high-ranking officials know they should not rely on the U.S. for Europe's defense, but increasing their own military potential requires determination, which they still need to demonstrate.

People familiar with the preparation process state it will take at least ten more years before Europe can defend itself without external assistance.

Statements by former U.S. President Donald Trump have intensified pressure after the presidential candidate declared he would support Russia's attack on NATO allies who fail to meet their spending commitments.

The news agency notes that amid concerns that Russian aggression against Ukraine may be just the first phase of much broader imperial ambitions, Western intelligence assessments suggest that the Kremlin could be capable of attacking a NATO member within a much shorter period — from three to five years.

As Europe witnesses the largest conflict on its territory since World War II, it feels the threat. However, due to its long history of dependence on the US, it feels unprepared.

Trump scandal

Former U.S. President Donald Trump previously threatened that if re-elected, he would not defend NATO allies who do not "pay their bills."

He also added that, conversely, he would encourage Russia to attack such countries.

It is worth noting that 31 NATO countries have committed to spending 2% of GDP on defense, but not all have done so individually.