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EU wants to reimpose tariffs on eggs and sugar from Ukraine

EU wants to reimpose tariffs on eggs and sugar from Ukraine The European Union may reintroduce tariffs on eggs and sugar from Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

The European Commission is considering reinstating restrictions on the import of eggs and sugar from Ukraine, according to Euronews.

According to Euronews, egg imports from Ukraine have reached a level where the European Commission will be forced to reinstate tariffs within the next two weeks. Additionally, trade experts say sugar imports are also under scrutiny by the EU executive body.

The European Association representing sugar consumers in the food and beverage sector (CIUS) has expressed concern over potential import restrictions from Ukraine. They fear that in the coming years, sugar volumes will be insufficient to meet the demand of the European market.

On June 4, 2022, a regulation on temporary trade liberalization measures came into effect. The document temporarily suspended several tariffs outlined in the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. As a result, some countries have experienced losses due to market oversaturation with Ukrainian products, leading to protests.

Due to alleged unfair competition, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary are demanding that the European Commission impose import tariffs on Ukrainian grain.