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EU to hold emergency meeting over Hamas attack on Israel

EU to hold emergency meeting over Hamas attack on Israel The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell (Photo: RBC-Ukraine, Vitalii Nosach )

The European Union will hold an emergency meeting of foreign ministers on October 10 due to the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, reported.

"I am convening tomorrow an emergency meeting of EU Foreign Ministers to address the situation in Israel and in the region.," he wrote.

Hamas attack on Israel

On October 7, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. They managed to capture several settlements, but by evening, Israeli forces regained most of the territory. They also struck military targets and the Hamas headquarters in response.

Israel declared a "state of war" and the beginning of the counter-terrorism Operation Iron Swords.

Today, the IDF announced that Israel has regained control of all areas, but Hamas militants may still be on the territory.

Additionally, European countries have strengthened the protection of Jewish communities after the Hamas attack on Israel.