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EU on Moldova's joining bloc without Transnistria: 'Yes, you can, but we hope you won't'

EU on Moldova's joining bloc without Transnistria: 'Yes, you can, but we hope you won't'

In the European Union, there is hope that Moldova will be able to join the bloc within its internationally recognized borders, including the temporarily non-government-controlled Transnistrian region, says the head of the EU Delegation, Janis Mazeiks.

The EU representative noted that the Eurointegration processes of Chisinau and Tiraspol can proceed in parallel. Regarding the possibility of Moldova initially joining the EU, Mazeiks stated that such an option is possible but expressed the hope that Moldova would not choose that path. He emphasized the desire for these processes to occur simultaneously, with Moldova negotiating EU accession while also working on the reintegration of the country.

"In short, I will answer: yes, you can, but we hope you won't. We hope that these processes will happen in parallel. While Moldova is negotiating accession to the EU, it will also work on the reintegration of the country," he said.

The head of the EU Delegation explained that Brussels is working with Moldova within its internationally recognized borders, including the Transnistrian region. However, he emphasized that they do not want the country to become a hostage to the resolution of a rather complex problem, and therefore, they do not exclude the possibility that this process will take place in several stages.

Mazeiks also clarified that the EU will analyze this aspect in its negotiations with Chisinau.


Recalling that in June 2022, the EU Council granted candidate status to Moldova for accession to the European Union. Before the actual negotiations on joining the bloc, Moldova must fulfill nine recommendations from the European Commission.

Earlier in October, Moldova's President Maia Sandu, in an interview, did not rule out the country's accession to the European Union without Transnistria. According to her, full integration into the EU would be the "ideal option," but if this does not happen for various reasons, there is also the option of integrating first the right bank and then the left.

Transnistria issue

As for Transnistria, it is one of the regions of Moldova that declared its supposed "independence" in 1990. No state has recognized this so-called "republic." Russia supports this unrecognized state, providing military, economic, political, and diplomatic support. Russia even maintains over a thousand troops in Transnistria. President Maia Sandu suggests that the Transnistrian conflict will be resolved after Ukraine's victory.