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EU decided to step up aid to Ukraine following summit

EU decided to step up aid to Ukraine following summit Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

EU member states have called for increased assistance to Ukraine, particularly in terms of air defense systems and weaponry to help protect infrastructure and civilians from Russian attacks, citing a document released following the EU summit.

The final communiqué notes the continuation of support for Ukraine. Specifically, the EU confirms its ongoing unwavering support for Ukraine and its people "for as long as it takes and as intensely as needed."

"As Ukraine exercises its inherent right to self-defence, the European Council calls for the delivery of military support to Ukraine to be stepped up. In particular, air defence systems, ammunition and missiles are urgently needed to protect Ukraine’s population and critical energy infrastructure," the document says.

The European Council also believes that "Russia must not prevail" and "strongly condemns the recent escalation of hostilities by Russia."

Not first time

The European Council has agreed to increase aid to Ukraine before. For instance, in April, the EU summit called for accelerated delivery of military aid to Ukraine amid massive Russian attacks, specifically mentioning artillery ammunition and missiles.