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EU countries to send over 150 generators to Ukraine due to Russian strikes

EU countries to send over 150 generators to Ukraine due to Russian strikes Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

European countries will transfer 157 generators to Ukraine due to Russian attacks on the energy system, reports Der Standart.

The agency notes that the EU has mobilized emergency energy aid for Ukraine, which is already on its way.

A representative of the European Commission explained that after a series of targeted missile and drone attacks by Russia on Ukraine's energy infrastructure in recent weeks, Ukraine's energy supply had been significantly damaged.

According to the European Commission, Austria, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands have provided 157 generators of various sizes.

For further strengthening of Ukraine's energy infrastructure, the EU is also sending ten high-capacity generators (1 MW each) worth 3.57 million euros from its RescEU stocks. Each of these powerful 1 MW generators can provide electricity to a medium-sized hospital in an emergency.

European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic thanked the countries for providing generators to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The EU's Emergency Response Coordination Center is in close contact with Ukrainian authorities on site to provide further assistance if needed, he said.

Shelling of the energy sector

In March, Russia resumed shelling of Ukraine's energy sector. Following the massive attacks, the most severe situation is in Kharkiv and the surrounding region, where the Zmiivska TPP and TPP-5 were heavily damaged.

Moreover, during the March 22 attack, which became the largest energy strike during the war, all blocks of the Burshtynska and Ladyzhynska TPPs were damaged. However, the Ministry of Energy emphasizes that there's currently no talk of power cuts for the entire country.