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EU aid to Ukraine - Mathernová says when first tranche to be received

EU aid to Ukraine - Mathernová says when first tranche to be received Photo: Katarína Mathernová, Ambassador of the EU to Ukraine (Vitalii Nosach/RBC-Ukraine)

Ukraine can receive the first tranche of assistance from the European Union as early as March, EU Ambassador to Ukraine Katarína Mathernová shared in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

"Let me say that I think it was indeed a historic decision for Ukraine. It was also great news for the European Union because it showed solidarity, commitment to Ukraine, and unity. The agreement had to be found in unanimity," she stated.

According to the ambassador, in addition to the aid package for Ukraine, there was also a review of the multiannual financial framework.

"So the Ukraine package was the biggest of it all, but there were other elements, adopted altogether, I think €64 billion, 50 of which are for Ukraine. Everybody is aware of the dire budgetary situation in Ukraine. And I spoke to my colleagues yesterday. I have a high degree of certainty. I can say that we should be able to disburse in March," added Mathernová.

Ukraine Facility

On February 1, EU leaders agreed on a four-year support program for Ukraine worth 50 billion euros, called the Ukraine Facility, during a summit in Brussels. The agreement on the program was sought to be blocked by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, but the EU and Budapest ultimately reached a compromise.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine expects to receive 18 billion euros in the first two years of the EU program. According to the head of the state, thanks to the long-term support program from the EU, Ukrainians have financial guarantees for social stability.