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Estonia to build 600 bunkers in areas bordering Russia

Estonia to build 600 bunkers in areas bordering Russia Illustrative photo: Estonia wants to build bunkers in areas bordering Russia (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Next year, Estonia will begin constructing a defense line along its border with Russia, including building 600 bunkers in border areas with Russia, according to ERR.

According to Kadi-Kai Kollo, head of the infrastructure department at the country's Center for Defense Investments, initial bunker tests will be conducted. Based on the results, one type of bunker will be selected, and after that, a tender will be announced for the construction of bunkers for the entire defense line.

She noted that when determining the requirements for the protective structures, they took into account Russia's war experience against Ukraine. In particular, each bunker is designed to accommodate up to ten equipped fighters and provide space for food supplies. Concrete was chosen as the main material.

It is mentioned that the main purpose of the bunkers is to ensure the survival of people, so the provided variants will be tested using shelling with 155-millimeter shells.

In addition to bunkers, the defense line will include anti-tank barriers and fences made of barbed wire.

Estonia is preparing for a possible war with Russia

As previously noted, the Baltic countries could become one of the main targets for Russia if it decides to attack NATO. Therefore, preparations are currently underway to prevent aggression from Russia.

In particular, it was recently reported that Estonia will significantly strengthen the eastern NATO border with Russia and build an entire defense line for protection.