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Estonia intends to restrict operation of another border crossing point with Russia

Estonia intends to restrict operation of another border crossing point with Russia Estonia will restrict the operation of the Koidula border crossing point with Russia (photo: Getty Images)

Estonia intends to reduce the operating hours of the Koidula border crossing point on the border with Russia and not to service it at night. Earlier, a similar decision was made regarding the Narva-1 checkpoint, states Estonian Finance Minister Mart Võrklaev.

According to the Minister of Finance, the decision to limit the operating hours of the border crossing point has two reasons – sanctions and cost savings.

"Firstly, more effective implementation of sanctions. Transport flows have decreased, and we do not need to keep the border with Russia open at night. Secondly, of course, there is some economy here. Yes, since it is only about the night shift, it is small, but if it is no longer reasonable to keep the border open constantly, then any savings are approved," Võrklaev added.

Earlier, it became known that from May 1, the border crossing point in Narva will operate daily from 7:00 to 23:00, not around the clock. The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board previously stated that the Koidula and Luhamaa border crossing points will continue to operate around the clock.

What preceded it

Earlier, it was reported that Estonia intends to modernize its border with Russia, including the installation of anti-personnel and anti-tank obstacles. At the same time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Margus Tsahkna, did not rule out the possibility of closing the border with Russia.

However, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas emphasized that the government has not yet found compelling reasons to close the border with Russia but is developing a contingency plan for such measures if necessary.

In February, the Estonian Police Department also warned of the possible closure of the Russian-Estonian border shortly – warnings with relevant information were issued to Russians at the Narva checkpoint.