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Essential baby items recommended by a pediatrician

Essential baby items recommended by a pediatrician Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Raising a newborn can be challenging for new families. Some household items can ease the burden of parenting. Pediatrician Victoria Sіrotіna shares a list of useful items for newborns on Instagram.

Top useful items for babies:

Thermometer and hygrometer: The first measures temperature, while the second checks air humidity indoors.

Air humidifier: Especially useful during the heating season, maintaining air humidity at 45-65% is recommended. 100%

Cotton clothing: These clothes should have external seams; opt for models with short and long sleeves, considering the baby's size based on their weight and height. Changing table: Aesthetically pleasing and convenient for daily baby care, your back will thank you.

Diapers: There are disposable and reusable options; try various brands to choose a material suitable for your baby's skin, in size 1 or NB.

Sleep sack: A good solution that helps babies feel secure, as their nervous system is not fully developed and easily stimulated.

3-in-1 baby stroller: Essential for walks and safe transportation, combining a bassinet, car seat, and regular stroller. Take the car seat to the maternity hospital for a safe trip home.

Thermal blanket: For harmonious development, babies need tummy time on a solid surface. Initially, a changing table might suffice, but after one month, they need more space. A safe and ideal option is a floor surface.

Contrast book: Babies don't immediately see all colors, but they perceive dark shades against a white background best. You can place the book on a play mat or in their crib to encourage them to lift their heads and explore the pictures.

Nursing clothes for mothers: Undergarments and clothing help facilitate comfortable breastfeeding anywhere. Keep in mind that after childbirth, breast size changes, sometimes up to four sizes.

Breast pump: A convenient device if you need to build a milk supply or prepare breast milk portions for times when you're away. However, excessive pumping can lead to increased milk production and accumulation. Always consult with your lactation consultant or pediatrician before use.

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