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Russian army attacked Ukraine with 14 Shaheds and 2 missiles: Report about downed targets

Russian army attacked Ukraine with 14 Shaheds and 2 missiles: Report about downed targets Photo: The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces talked about repelling an air attack by the Russian Federation (RBC-Ukraine collage)

Russian invaders launched 14 kamikaze drones of the Shahed type over Ukraine last night, accompanied by an attack of 2 guided aviation missiles Kh-59. With the efforts and resources of the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces, 9 enemy drones were successfully eliminated, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Command.

The military clarified that the Shaheds of the Russian Armed Forces were launched from the directions of Primorsko-Akhtarsk (Russia) and Chauda (Crimea), while the aviation missiles originated from the Belgorod region.

Attack specifics

"As in the previous night, a significant portion of the Shaheds was directed by the enemy towards objects of the energy infrastructure in Dnipropetrovsk," reported the Air Force.

Air defense operations

Mobile fire groups successfully neutralized 9 enemy drones. The adversary's drones were intercepted within the boundaries of:

  • Dnipropetrovsk,
  • Odesa,
  • Mykolaiv,
  • Zhytomyr regions.

Night attack of Shaheds

On the evening of February 2 and the night of February 3, Russian invaders once again launched kamikaze drones of the Shahed type over Ukraine. Air alarms were declared in several regions.

As a result of the hostile attack, explosions were reported, notably in the Poltava region. The head of the regional administration, Filip Pronin, stated that, according to preliminary information, there were impacts in the Myrhorod district, with no reported casualties.

Later in the night, Russian forces launched several more groups of Shaheds across Ukraine. The enemy directed them multiple times for strikes, including the city of Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Local reports mentioned sounds of explosions, likely due to the functioning of anti-aircraft defense systems.