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End of week to be difficult for these zodiac signs: Be careful

End of week to be difficult for these zodiac signs: Be careful These zodiac signs are in for a challenging end of the week (photo:

In the coming days, the horoscope warns that the Moon will enter the sign of Aries on November 22, and the Sun will enter the sign of Sagittarius. And this is fraught with difficulties for three zodiac signs at once, according to Your Tango.


You will have days when you start to get angry. You'll want to get through this week as quickly as possible, as many things will irritate you. But you will cope and do your best to overcome these challenges, as you will be under a lot of pressure.

People may advise you not to let your anger consume you, but it's up to you to decide when to express your feelings and take a breather, and when to use aggression as a driving force.

You may be taken advantage of or be the victim of deception, but you will be angry most of all because of your gullibility. And instead of reproaching yourself, you should think about being more vigilant in the future. The end of the week will not be so much difficult as generous with difficult lessons to learn.


The most difficult thing for you at the end of this week will be a feeling of helplessness. You feel like you're not ready to give up without a fight, and while it's not likely that this will affect your romantic life, by the end of the week you'll want to stand up for yourself so that everyone can see your strength released from the cage.

But don't worry, because these difficulties are temporary and you will feel much better in a few days. It is important to let everyone know now that they should not stand in your way.

You want to enjoy the rest of the year and leave with a sense of pride and a sense of strength. You don't care much what other people think of you or if they think you need to change your attitude. Let them worry about their attitude.


You will feel more depressed than usual. You're worried about what might happen in the coming days and don't know how to handle it. But you are brave enough to take an important step and get what is rightfully yours.

By the end of the week, you will begin to get answers to your questions quickly and sometimes you won't have to wait or puzzle over what is happening - the answers will come to you. But your impatience and irritation can be a bad thing.

You are sure that your goal is the right one and that you are not in this situation to harm anyone. If you encounter someone who can't keep up with your pace, just let them go at their own speed. You simply don't have the energy right now to communicate with someone who doesn't want to or can't be on your level.

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