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End of spring to mark beginning of black streak for these zodiac signs

End of spring to mark beginning of black streak for these zodiac signs What signs of the zodiac will be unlucky in May (illustration:

The end of spring may bring significant challenges to representatives of three zodiac signs. They should be more cautious because a fatal mistake could mark the beginning of a streak of bad luck. However, the situation can still be salvaged.

Spiritualify reports on which zodiac signs may encounter problems and failures in May.


In May, you may realize that you've lost the delicate and fragile balance that has been difficult to maintain lately. And if you try to avoid problems and serious conversations, things will only get worse.

You should gather strength and courage. Talk about your issues, don't ignore situations where important decisions need to be made. This applies to both your career and personal life.


Be cautious, in May you may encounter obstacles and difficulties. However, you must understand that they all arise for a reason. Differences and scandals will be the result of curiosity and lack of vigilance.

Try to react quickly to all conflicts. Don't delay in solving problems, that's the only way you can stop the storm. The dark streak will retreat if you start facing difficulties instead of hiding from them in your own world.


Try not to make impulsive decisions. Act thoughtfully and don't rush. You can make a fatal mistake if you don't listen to your intuition and the advice of wise people.

It's not worth talking about things you might regret later. It's better to weigh every word and consider everything that could affect other people's interests. Only then can you avoid conflicts and not stir up trouble.

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