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Elon Musk hints at displaying Cybertruck in China, despite difficulties

Elon Musk hints at displaying Cybertruck in China, despite difficulties Tesla Cybertruck (Getty Images)

Elon Musk, a Tesla CEO, suggested that the new Cybertruck might be displayed in China, even though there are challenges to making it legal to drive on Chinese roads, according to his statement on X.

There were rumors that the Cybertruck would be shown in Chinese stores, and Musk hinted at sending prototype units to the country. However, he acknowledged that meeting Chinese road regulations might be tough, so the Cybertruck may only be displayed there and not actually driven.

When asked about classifying the Cybertruck in China, Musk didn't respond. Others in the conversation also questioned whether the Cybertruck might be displayed in European markets.

Why it is challenging to introduce Cybertruck worldwide

The United States is the biggest market for pickup trucks, but rules for driving vary around the world. In Europe and Asia, people mainly focus on smaller passenger cars, making it challenging for the Cybertruck to fit in. Despite the global interest, Tesla stopped taking orders for the Cybertruck in China and Europe in 2022, offering updates instead.

Elon Musk hints at displaying Cybertruck in China, despite difficultiesTesla Cybertruck (Getty Images)

As of now, production is centered in the U.S. in Austin, Texas. Expanding availability beyond North America has been requested by fans and could help Tesla become more popular internationally. Rumors in 2021 suggested that a large casting machine in China could be used for Cybertruck production. There are reports that production of the Cybertruck is increasing at Tesla's Gigafactory in Texas.

Tesla's Cybertruck

Cybertruck's debut was in November 2023. It is a battery-electric full-size pickup truck made of glossy stainless steel. The announced price for the base model starts at $60,990, which is 50% higher than initially advertised by Musk in 2019.

The new material for the Cybertruck's body and its unconventional, futuristic style have added complexity and cost to the production. The vehicle has faced criticism for design issues, with some owners reporting problems with the paneling and turn signals.

Tesla also releases Cybertruck for Kids, priced at $1,500. What is more, Musk revealed plans to allegedly offer a modification package that could have the capability to double as a boat.