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Elections in occupied territories - Russia bringing in 'observers'

Elections in occupied territories - Russia bringing in 'observers' Russia is bringing in observers to conduct sham elections in the occupied territories (photo: GettyImages)

The occupiers are bringing in so-called "observers" to participate in sham elections in the occupied territories, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

"Russian "elections" are nothing but a farce and a propagandistic imitation where the outcome and even the voter turnout are known in advance. One of the main roles in this performance is played by observers, whom the Russians were forced to bring from Russia because the locals refuse to participate in this show," the NRC stated.

Under Russian law, only members of the Civic Chamber, an advisory body controlled by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, can serve as public observers.

These are the "observers" that Russia is bringing to the occupied territories because the local chambers, created recently by the occupiers, did not find enough volunteers for this role.

"Election" in occupied territories

On September 10, Russians will hold elections at various levels, including by-elections for State Duma deputies, elections of regional heads and legislative assembly deputies. They also plan to conduct pseudo-voting in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

According to British intelligence, Russia aims to portray the occupied territories as its "integral parts" through these actions.

The NRC previously noted that occupiers are bringing "activists," political technologists, and other personnel from Russia to conduct these pseudo-elections. It has recently become known that they have called back all "police officers" from vacation for these dates.