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Elections in Finland: 100% of ballots counted

Elections in Finland: 100% of ballots counted Illustrative photo: the results of the first round of elections were announced in Finland (GettyImages)

In Finland, the first round of elections concluded on January 28th. The Election Commission processed 100% of the ballots, according to the website of the Election Commission of Finland.

According to the website, the leader of the vote was former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb, who garnered 27.2% of the voters' support.

In the second position was former Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, who received votes from 25.8% of the voters.

Below them were the Speaker of the Finnish Parliament Jussi Halla-aho, who secured 19% of the votes, and Finnish politician Olli Rehn with 15.3% of the votes.

Now, Finland will proceed to the second round of elections since none of the candidates received over 50%. It is scheduled for February 11th.

The voter turnout was 71.5%, with just over 3.2 million voters participating in the elections.

The official results are expected to be announced by the commission on January 30th.

Leaders of the vote

Alexander Stubb:

  • Chairman of the OSCE (2008).
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland (2008 - 2011).
  • Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade (2011 - 2014).
  • Prime Minister (2014 - 2015).
  • Chair of the National Coalition Party (2014 - 2016).
  • Minister of Finance (2015 - 2016).
  • Deputy Director-General of the European Investment Bank (2017).

Currently, Stubb is a professor and director at the European University Institute (EUI).

Pekka Haavisto:

  • Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland (until 2023).
  • Chairman of the Green League party (1993 - 1995 and 2018 - 2019).
  • Minister of the Environment and Development of Finland (1995 - 1999).
  • Chair of the European Green Party (2000 - 2006).
  • Minister for International Development (2013 - 2014).