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Effectivity of facial massage: Myths

Effectivity of facial massage: Myths What you need to know about facial massage (photo: Freepik)

There are many myths surrounding the beauty sphere, including the idea that facial massage is not suitable for all women. In reality, it can stimulate blood circulation in the skin and improve its appearance, contributing to long-lasting beauty.

To learn more about the myths surrounding facial massage that should not be believed, you can refer to the Styler project by RBC-Ukraine, citing the insights of Ukrainian cosmetologist Olha Pozdniakova.

Massage stretches the skin

"Massage stretches the skin - how often do we hear this myth, unknown to anyone who came up with it. The skin is the most elastic organ and the most resistant to actions. To stretch the skin, it can only be done from the inside - with obesity, swelling, or pregnancy," explains the cosmetologist.

Massage dissolves fat from a thin face

Often, women avoid facial massage because their face is thin. Supposedly, exercises will suck out the last fat on it.

"My dear women, to dissolve fat with your hands, and even locally, is a fairy tale. But improving the quality of adipose tissue, expelling swelling, and breathing new life with improved blood circulation is possible. Massage will bring muscles to a normal tone, and your cheeks will straighten and shine," adds Pozdniakova.

Cannot be done on sensitive skin

Some people are afraid to do facial massage on sensitive skin, as if it should not be subjected to additional influence.

"Remove aggressive facial care products, cleanse tissues of everything unnecessary, improving microcirculation. All of this can be achieved through massage. And the skin, saturated from the inside, expelling all stagnant substances, will activate self-regeneration! It will shine and thank you," says the cosmetologist.

Doesn't help at a mature age

"Sometimes women say that at their age, massage won't help anymore. But as long as we are alive, we can create miracles that depend only on us. And everything will work for you in your body, everything will strive for healthy youth - just help. And be amazed at the abilities of your super body," says the expert.

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