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'Easy pre-set': Android 15 gets ready to make phones easier for grandma

'Easy pre-set': Android 15 gets ready to make phones easier for grandma The function will be implemented for users not having skills to work with the smartphone interface (photo: Pexels)

Google plans to introduce a "simplified setup" mode to smartphones based on Android 15 to make it easier for non-technical or visually impaired users to work with them. This mode has already appeared in the beta version of QPR3 for Android 14, writes Android Authority.

What is known about new function

Specifically, this mode provides improved readability and ease of navigation by increasing icon and text sizes, increasing contrast and using bold font, and adding navigation buttons to the bottom of the screen.

Although the author was able to manually launch the page with this setting, it failed to enable and test. The only change after trying to activate the new mode was that the wallpaper changed to a black image, but it's unclear if this was intentional or the result of a random glitch.

In Android 15, a simplified mode for using a smartphone will appearSimplified setup on Android (photo: Android Authority)

According to the current state of the feature, it is unlikely to be implemented in QPR3's Android 14 stable update in June. It is more likely that Google is developing this feature for inclusion in Android 15, which is scheduled to be officially unveiled later this year.

The test version received it through the parallel development of the latest Android 14 and Android 15 updates.

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