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Easy and fast: How to remove waterproof mascara without losing eyelashes

Easy and fast: How to remove waterproof mascara without losing eyelashes How to remove mascara from eyelashes (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Mascara is one of the essential makeup items that helps to complete any look. However, it can be difficult to wash waterproof mascara off, according to the Real simple website.

Makeup artist Maria Hatzistefanis said that washing off mascara can lead to significant eyelash loss.

The skin around the eyes is easily irritated, so it needs to be protected. The expert named ways to help easily wash off mascara from eyelashes.

Cleansing balm or oil

No mascara stands a chance against a cleansing balm or oil, even if it is an extremely resistant waterproof formula. These oil-based products are applied directly to dry skin and lashes with massage movements.

After the massage, rinse with water and watch the products wash off easily.

As a bonus, cleansing balms and oils help condition and moisturize the eyes.

Another way to wash off eye makeup is to use a hydrophilic oil. Compared to micellar water, it is more effective, but it doesn't hurt your skin or cause redness.

Wash off hydrophilic oil with a cleansing gel and water.

Micellar water

This product provides incredibly gentle and effective cleansing.

You just need to moisten a round cotton pad with micellar water and keep it on your eyes for at least 30 seconds. Then gently wipe off the mascara and wash off the rest of the makeup.

If you notice any mascara residue, you can repeat this process if needed. An oil-based cleanser is a good option if you use a lot of other cosmetics.

Special makeup remover sprays

Makeup artist Allison Kaye notes that it is faster and more effective to use special makeup remover sprays.

After applying such a spray, all makeup is easily removed, without extra efforts.