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Earthquake in Japan: Death toll rises to 73

Earthquake in Japan: Death toll rises to 73 Photo: Aftermath of powerful earthquake in Japan (

As of January 3rd, the number of casualties from the earthquakes that shook the Noto Peninsula and adjacent areas in central Japan during the New Year has increased to at least 73 people, reports Kyodo.

The powerful earthquake in the Noto Peninsula region, with a magnitude of 7.6, occurred on the night of January 1st, causing significant structural damage and fires in the city of Wajima in Ishikawa Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan. However, the full extent of the disaster remains unknown.

Rescue operations

The Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) had planned to use helicopters to deliver supplies to isolated areas. Still, local authorities called for the deployment of military personnel for disaster relief missions. The rescue operations have been complicated by rain, and the emergency services are also hindered by debris and damaged roads.

During a press conference on January 3rd, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced the government's decision to increase the number of SDF personnel working in the affected region from one thousand to two thousand.

He also mentioned that 2,000 firefighters and 740 police officers would join the search and rescue efforts.

Consequences of the powerful earthquake

According to municipal authorities, there have been reports of several cases where people were buried alive or trapped under collapsed buildings in earthquake-affected areas, where strong aftershocks continued to be felt.

In Ishikawa alone, 33,000 people were evacuated, and over 30,000 houses were without electricity. In Ishikawa and two neighboring prefectures, Toyama and Niigata, 110,000 houses were left without water supply.

New Year's earthquake of the highest magnitude

According to agency data, the epicenter of the New Year's earthquake was approximately 30 kilometers east and northeast of Wajima, with a preliminary depth of 16 kilometers, showing the highest level of 7 on Japan's seismic intensity scale in the city of Shika.

The last time a magnitude 7 earthquake was recorded was in 2018 in Hokkaido, as reported by the meteorological agency.

Earthquakes in Japan

On January 1st, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 struck Japan. Following this, a series of strong earthquakes occurred throughout the day, with over 100 earthquakes recorded within a 12-hour period.

As of the evening of January 1st, there were initial reports of only four fatalities due to the earthquakes. However, the number of confirmed casualties rapidly increased. By Tuesday evening, it was reported that 57 people had died as a result of the earthquakes in Japan.