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Due to floods in Somalia died almost 100 people

Due to floods in Somalia died almost 100 people 96 people have died due to flooding in Somalia (Photo:

In Somalia, the death toll from the floods, which have been ongoing since October as a result of heavy rainfall, has now reached 96, according to SONNA.

The representative from the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA), Mohamud Moalim Abdulle, reported that the floods have affected over 2.3 million individuals, with more than 900,000 being displaced from their homes.

Additionally, over 4,000 livestock have perished and 136,045 properties, including houses and cars, have been destroyed.

Floods in the world

In October, flooding ensued in Somalia due to an increase in water levels in the Juba and Shabelle rivers. The Somali government issued a state of emergency in Jubbaland and Hirshabelle regions as the number of casualties escalated.

Furthermore, in September, a massive flood transpired in Libya brought about by Storm Daniel. Additionally, a dam near the eastern city of Derna reportedly burst on September 12.

On the initial day of the disaster, over 2,000 individuals were reported to have died and 5-6,000 were reported missing. The next day, the local authorities declared that over 5,300 had died. Health Minister Osman Abduljalil Win described the current situation in the area as catastrophic. Subsequently, the number of fatalities surpassed 11,000 people.