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Duda: Poland will support Ukraine, Putin cannot be allowed to triumph

Duda: Poland will support Ukraine, Putin cannot be allowed to triumph Photo: Polish President Andrzej Duda (Getty Images)

Poland has supported and will continue to support Ukraine. Russian dictator Putin must not be allowed to win the war, said President of Poland, Andrzej Duda.

The Polish president released a video on the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine, including footage of his visit to Ukraine.

"We have supported, support and will support Ukraine in its fight for freedom! Today, this support is still extremely needed. Regardless of war fatigue. The free world cannot allow Putin and Russia to triumph,"

Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, also made a statement regarding Russia's war against Ukraine.

"Two years of Ukrainian heroism. Two years of Russian barbarism. Two years of disgrace of those who remain indifferent," he wrote on his Twitter (X).

Escalation between Ukraine and Poland

Let's recall that since November 2023, Poland has been blocking the Ukrainian border. Initially, it was protested by carriers, later joined by farmers. In January, the border was temporarily unblocked, but in February, protests at the Polish-Ukrainian border resumed.

The checkpoints are being blocked by farmers, and recently Ukrainian grain has been dumped at the border. Three similar incidents have already been recorded.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced a meeting of the governments of both countries, which will take place on March 28 in Warsaw.

Tusk also stated that Poland will include border crossings with Ukraine, as well as sections of roads and railways, in the list of critical infrastructure objects. This will allow removing obstacles at the border for the delivery of weapons and humanitarian aid.