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Drone attack on Kharkiv region: Damages and fatality reported

Drone attack on Kharkiv region: Damages and fatality reported Photo: Russians attacked Kharkiv and the region with drones (Telegram/DSNS)

Russian army attacked the Kharkiv region with Shahed drones. Enemy UAVs struck a residential area in Kharkiv and a private house in the town of Velykyi Burluk, resulting in the death of a civilian man, informs the police of the Kharkiv region.

The shelling of Kharkiv occurred around midnight. As a result of the drone strike, two cars were completely burned, two more were damaged by the explosive wave, and residential buildings and garages were also damaged.

Additionally, around 00:10 a.m., there was an impact, possibly by Shahed drone, on a private residence in the town of Velykyi Burluk.

"As a result of the enemy drone's impact, the house caught fire. Rescuers extracted the 76-year-old owner of the house from the rubble. The house was completely destroyed. Police evacuated an elderly woman from a neighboring house," the report said.

Photo: Police of the Kharkiv region (

All relevant services are working at the scenes. Investigators, forensic experts, and explosive technicians are collecting material evidence.

Investigators have initiated criminal proceedings under Article 438 (violation of laws and customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Aerial attack on Ukraine

In Ukraine, on the evening of Friday, March 1, air raid sirens began sounding in various regions. The cause was another aerial attack by Russian invaders who launched drones of the Shahed type.

During the night of March 2 in Kharkiv, explosions occurred amid air raid alerts. Later, it became known about the arrival of a drone in one of the city's districts, resulting in a fire.

The Russian army also targeted Odessa with drones. There was an impact on buildings in the city, and civilians were affected.