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Drone attack on high-rise in Sumy: Number of casualties increased

Drone attack on high-rise in Sumy: Number of casualties increased Photo: Shahed attack on a high-rise building in Sumy: the number of victims has increased (

In Sumy, as a result of a night strike by a Shahed-type drone on a multi-story building, the number of injured increased to 12 people by the evening, according to the Telegram channel of Sumy Regional Military Administration.

"As a result of emergency rescue operations from the rubble, the bodies of two men have been recovered," the Regional Military Administration reported.

Additionally, 10 residents of the building were rescued by the State Emergency Service (5 were rescued from the debris), and 12 people sustained injuries of varying severity.

A Resilience Point, operating around the clock, has been set up at the State Emergency Service tent camp, assisting 279 citizens regarding heating and household issues. Psychologists from the State Emergency Service and the National Police of Ukraine in the Sumy region have provided psychological support to 57 citizens.

It is also reported that rescuers conducted emergency restoration work (24 windows were sealed) in the neighboring building, which was damaged by the blast wave.

Shahed attack on Sumy

Overnight into March 13, Russian forces attacked Sumy using Shahed-type drones. Explosions were heard in the city during the air raid alert. One of the drones hit a five-story building. Emergency rescue services were deployed to the scene.

The Sumy Regional Military Administration reported that 10 people were rescued from the rubble, eight of whom sustained injuries of varying severity. It was also reported that two people died.