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Russian drone attack on Sumy: Fire in high-rise building

Russian drone attack on Sumy: Fire in high-rise building Photo: the Russians hit a high-rise building in Sumy with Shahed (

Russian forces attacked Sumy tonight, March 13, using combat drones of the Shahed type. One of the drones hit a multi-story building, according to the Sumy Regional Military Administration's Telegram channel.

It is noted that all emergency services are working at the scene. There have been no reports of casualties from the enemy strike at this time, and the consequences of the impact are still being clarified.

Russian forces have struck Sumy

Since the early days of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the occupiers have regularly targeted Sumy and the region. Today, on the night of March 13, explosions were heard in the city during an air raid alert.

Additionally, on March 12, the enemy shelled the territory of the Sumy region. As a result of the attacks with rocket-propelled grenades, there have been destruction and casualties, including children.

Moreover, Russians shelled Sumy on March 7. According to recent reports, two people were killed, and 26 were injured. The Russian occupiers damaged the hospital building, the regional emergency medical center, and the water supply system. Additionally, 135 windows and 10 doors were shattered.