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Drink alcohol together: Scientists' unexpected statement about happiness in couple

Drink alcohol together: Scientists' unexpected statement about happiness in couple Scientists made an unexpected statement about couples who drink alcohol together (photo:

Researchers from the University of Michigan have found out the consequences of the habit of drinking alcohol together for a couple. It turns out that it's not so bad and may even help strengthen the relationship between partners, according to The Gerontologist.

If you and your partner like to end the day with a dinner with alcohol or often indulge in a bottle of wine on the weekend, there's good news for you.

Scientists have found that couples with similar alcohol behaviors tend to live longer compared to those where only one partner drinks or where neither partner consumes alcohol.

Researchers studied the habits of nearly five thousand married couples aged 50. The observations were conducted over a period of 20 years. Husbands and wives had to fill out questionnaires every two years, with most questions focusing on alcohol consumption.

"Spouses with concordant drinking behaviors often report better quality marriages and are married longer compared with those who report discordant drinking behaviors," the study says.

Researchers also note that couples who spend time together are generally happier than those who do not.

Additionally, the amount of alcohol consumed plays a significant role. According to the researchers, only a moderate amount of alcohol prolongs marriage and life. Understanding the measure helps find this optimal balance of health and happiness in relationships.

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