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Doctor names 6 unexpected signs of heart problems many overlook

Doctor names 6 unexpected signs of heart problems many overlook Why you should not ignore these symptoms (photo: Freepik)

Doctor Eric Berg has identified 6 unexpected signs that signal problems with the heart. Many people ignore them, but by paying attention to the first subtle "warning bells," many diseases can be avoided, reports Daily Express.

Hypertension. According to the doctor, there are two types of heart failure - compensated and decompensated. During the second type, the heart becomes weak, but still functions well, making symptoms hard to notice. However, the first signal is high blood pressure. Consult a doctor and take care of your health if hypertension has started.

Cough. Many people ignore this sign or think it is related to the lungs. In reality, a cough can indicate heart failure. Therefore, it should be paid attention to.

Doctor names 6 unexpected signs of heart problems many overlook

Don't ignore signs of heart problems (photo: Freepik)

Signs of dementia. As it turns out, if a person begins to forget everything, it may indicate not only aging but sometimes also problems with the heart when there is insufficient oxygen and blood flow.

Urination problems. When a person starts to visit the bathroom less frequently, this is worth paying attention to. According to the doctor, if the body begins to retain sodium, it compensates for the lack of oxygen that arises due to heart problems.

Breathing problems while lying down. If you find it difficult to breathe even when you are not doing anything, consult a doctor. Special attention should be paid to those who find it easier to breathe after getting out of bed.

Awakening due to lack of oxygen. If you wake up and start gasping for air, it may indicate that your heart is not functioning well. The doctor advises not to ignore this sign.

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