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Doctor explains how to get rid of body odor: Lifehack

Doctor explains how to get rid of body odor: Lifehack Photo: How a simple product can eliminate underarm sweat odor (depositphotos)

Dr. Sina on TikTok explains how a simple product can eliminate underarm sweat odor when deodorant doesn't help.

How to eliminate underarm sweat odor

In a recent video, Dr. Sina demonstrated that those concerned about underarm odor can use a pharmacy product to reduce the smell.

In the video posted on the platform, the doctor explained that the best product for eliminating odor is glycolic acid, which is available from various cosmetic brands.

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugarcane. It is also used for hyperpigmentation and is an effective exfoliant.

This cleansing acid is not intended to replace deodorant as it does not stop sweating.

A board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa K. explains that glycolic acid is believed to help reduce body odor by lowering the skin's pH and making it harder for odor-causing bacteria to survive.

Drawbacks of using glycolic acid

The use of glycolic acid is associated with some risks. Like other exfoliating acids, it can irritate the skin, especially in areas where it is thin and delicate, such as under the arms. This can cause redness, peeling, and sensitivity.

The maximum concentration of glycolic acid that can be used in this area ranges from eight to 10%, but even this can be irritating, so the lower the concentration, the better.

Dermatologist Marisa K. recommends opting for deodorants containing this acid rather than applying it separately.

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