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Doctor explains how tears can help detect serious illnesses

Doctor explains how tears can help detect serious illnesses Can tears be used for disease diagnosis? (photo: Freepik)

Usually, to check for various deficiencies, blood is taken from a person. However, as it turns out, tears are sufficient for analysis, according to the Ukrainian paediatrician, cardiologist, and rheumatologist Maria Pavlenko.

How can tears be used

According to the doctor, tears can be used for diagnosing diseases just like blood.

Tears from a person serve not only to express emotions but also cover the front surface of the eye and perform many important functions - moisturizing and protecting the eye from the environment.

They also supply beneficial nutrients and help refract light, allowing us to see properly.

As it turns out, tears contain not only water but also many different proteins, lipids, salts, and anti-inflammatory particles.

Why does everyone have a different tear composition

The composition of tears varies significantly in each person, depending on gender, age, lifestyle, and other health conditions.

"In recent years, scientists have paid a lot of attention to the study of tear composition. It has already been established that the composition of tears in a person with eye diseases, such as uveitis, differs. The composition of tears compared to a healthy person is different," the message says.

Additionally, the composition of tears differs in people with diseases that may not seem related to the eyes, such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease.

Maria Pavlenko noted that even certain biomarkers have been found in tears, which can be used to diagnose certain oncological diseases.

Therefore, the use of tears for disease diagnosis is likely to become quite popular in the near future, as it is non-invasive and informative.

"Do not waste your tears in vain," the doctor added.

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