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Do spiders really bring luck: Superstitions and facts

Do spiders really bring luck: Superstitions and facts Are spiders a sign of good luck (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Spiders have always attracted attention and sparked curiosity among people with their mystery. Therefore, it's not surprising that these insects have become part of our beliefs and traditions.

RBC-Ukraine compiled a list of superstitions about spiders that people still believe in.

History of superstitions

Since ancient times, spiders have been associated with many superstitions. Encountering a spider is often considered a good omen.

For example, in England, it is believed that seeing a spider may mean money. If a spider appears in an inappropriate place, it is taken and moved elsewhere. Saving a spider is believed to potentially bring wealth, and vice versa.

The tradition of associating spiders with money dates back to Roman times when people carried spider amulets to attract success in business. Small spiders are often called money spiders, and killing one is considered extremely unlucky.

Spiders have always been welcome guests in people's homes as they catch flies and other insects in their webs. Legends say that spiders also provide energetic protection for your home.

In one Christian tradition, it is said that Jesus, Joseph, and Mary hid from Herod's soldiers in a cave. A spider spun a web near the entrance, and the soldiers did not peer inside because they assumed that no one had entered there for some time.

Modern superstitions about spiders:

  • If there are many spiders and they are spinning webs, it means there will soon be very dry weather.
  • According to old beliefs, if there is dew on spider webs in the morning, the day will be beautiful.
  • If spiders start spinning webs before noon, expect sunny weather soon.
  • Stepping on a spider is said to bring rain.
  • All spiders, except tarantulas, are considered signs of luck. The larger the spider, the greater the reward.
  • If you see a spider crawling on the wall, it may mean that your deepest wish will come true.

Are spiders a sign of good luck

In many cultures around the world, spiders are considered symbols of luck. The image of a spider hanging from its web is often perceived as a symbol of luck and joy descending from the heavens.

In addition to luck, spiders are symbols of happiness, creativity, and wealth in many cultures worldwide. Many old superstitions about spiders teach us not to kill these insects. It is believed that allowing them to live in your home will bring good luck, whereas killing a spider will bring misfortune.

Superstitions about spiders and money:

  • If you see a spider spinning its web, your income will increase due to hard work.
  • If a spider crawls into your pocket, money will always be with you.
  • If you dream of killing a spider, you may soon lose money or something valuable.

Superstitions with warnings:

  • If a spider hangs above your head, you will receive a letter.
  • If a spider weaves its web across your door, company is expected.
  • Walking into a spider web means you will meet a friend that day.
  • Seeing a spider running on its web during the day means you will embark on a journey.
  • Finding a spider in the morning - sadness, at noon - worry, during the day - a gift.

In folklore, spiders are often considered symbols of luck and play an important role in maintaining natural balance. Additionally, it's advised not to kill spiders as they play a crucial role in ecosystems by controlling insect populations.

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