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Dermatologist shows what can happen to face after applying makeup

Dermatologist shows what can happen to face after applying makeup What causes cosmetics allergy (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Cosmetics are intended to take care of your body and make you feel more confident. However, sometimes you may be allergic to cosmetics and there are several reasons for this, according to Ukrainian dermatologist Kateryna Babiko.

Causes of allergic reaction to cosmetics

On average, a person uses 6-10 cosmetic products per day.

According to the doctor, if you look at the composition, you will notice that each of them consists of dozens of ingredients. This means that the skin comes into contact with hundreds of chemical cosmetics every day.

This includes shampoos and hair care products, toothpaste, hand creams, sunscreen, nail polish, makeup, shaving products, and facial products.

The more cosmetics you use, the more likely you will have a negative reaction.

That is why side effects from cosmetics are extremely common.

Symptoms of allergy

Symptoms of a cosmetic allergy include redness, peeling, inflammation, swelling, itching, and cracks.

The most common allergens are fragrances, preservatives, and dyes. But theoretically, a reaction can occur to any ingredient. Even expensive and high-quality creams can cause allergic reactions.

The dermatologist notes that there are two types of reactions to cosmetics: irritant or allergic, which is accompanied by a specific inflammation to a particular chemical.

They look the same and can occur immediately or after months of using the product.

What allergic contact dermatitis looks like

In this situation, you should avoid using cosmetics in the affected area.

Rashes and inflammation usually go away if the trigger is eliminated. The expert noted that sometimes you can use an odorless hypoallergenic emollient or petroleum jelly to soften the skin.

To relieve unpleasant symptoms, a doctor may use a steroidal anti-inflammatory cream.

Дерматолог показала, що може статись з обличчям після нанесення косметики

Allergic dermatitis (photo: