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Denmark announces new $330 mln military aid package for Ukraine

Denmark announces new $330 mln military aid package for Ukraine Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen (Photo: Getty Images)

Denmark announced another $330 million package of military aid to Ukraine, including Caesar self-propelled artillery systems, according to the Danish Ministry of Defense.

The package provides for transferring Caesar self-propelled artillery systems, 120-mm mortars, and ammunition to Ukraine.

Denmark allocated the money for Caesars in cooperation with France and for 155-mm artillery shells in cooperation with Estonia and the Czech Republic.

"Artillery and mortar systems are in great demand in Ukraine. With this aid package, we are making a significant contribution to the fight for Ukraine's freedom... The aid is provided in cooperation with our allies and sends an important signal that we support Ukraine on a broad front," said Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

This is the 16th package of military assistance that Denmark will provide to Ukraine to protect it from Russian aggression.

Caesar air defense system

Caesar is an artillery system with an effective range of up to 42 kilometers.

The weapon uses the full range of NATO 155-mm shells, including cluster shells. The rate of fire is 6 rounds per minute.


Back in February of this year, Danish Prime Minister Matt Frederiksen announced that her country had decided to provide Ukraine with all of its artillery.

She also called on Western countries to provide Ukrainian defenders with weapons, ammunition, and air defense systems that they are not using yet.