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Denmark allocates EUR 20.1 million to speed up Ukraine's and Moldova's EU accession

Denmark allocates EUR 20.1 million to speed up Ukraine's and Moldova's EU accession Danish Foreign Minister Lars Rasmussen (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Danish government has allocated 150 million Danish kroner (20.1 million euros) to expedite Ukraine and Moldova's accession to the European Union, according to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"These 150 million Danish kroner will be allocated by 2030 and will help both countries establish the administrative structures and legislation necessary for moving closer to EU membership," the statement reads.

The funds for Ukraine and Moldova are tied to an instrument within the Danish Neighbourhood Programme, which already supports reform processes in Eastern Partnership countries that are crucial for their rapprochement with the EU.

In addition to aiding in the creation of administrative structures and legislation, the instrument will also support study trips and civic education.

In the longer term, support will also extend to EU candidate countries in the Western Balkans.

Ukraine's EU membership

On February 28, 2022, Ukraine applied for EU membership immediately after the onset of Russia's full-scale aggression.

Ukraine was granted candidate status for EU membership by the European Council on June 23, 2022. Due to the military conflict, Ukraine's candidacy marked a significant milestone in its history.

In December 2023, Ukraine received the green light from the EU to officially begin negotiations, a significant step forward on its path to EU membership. Despite this, Kyiv continues to actively prepare for membership and diligently complete its "homework."

According to the Financial Times, citing EU officials, substantive accession negotiations with Ukraine are set to begin in 2025.