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Decision regarding border with Russia adopted in Finland

Decision regarding border with Russia adopted in Finland Photo: In Finland, a decision was made regarding the border with the Russian Federation (GettyImages)

The Minister of the Interior of Finland, Mari Rantanen, has announced a decision regarding the border with Russia, reports Yle.

Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen is not considering the possibility of reopening border crossings at this stage. The government's decision on the extension of border closures is expected later this week.

"There is a significant number of people waiting on the other side of the border. On the other hand, Russia seems to have not changed," summarized the minister.

Rantanen did not provide a specific timeline for the border closures. According to her, the decision to close the borders is primarily for national security and the safety of citizens.

"We will not succumb to such pressure. The closure of borders will last as long as necessary. We hope to see an end to this, but for now, it is not yet visible," the minister said.

According to the border service, on the Russian border on the other side, as before, there are hundreds or even thousands of citizens from third countries who wish to come to Finland without proper documents.

The closure of Finland's borders with Russia

On November 30, 2023, Finland decided to close all border crossings on its border with Russia due to an influx of illegal migrants from the Russian Federation.

In mid-December, the Finnish government reopened two border checkpoints. However, due to a new wave of migrants, the border had to be closed again.

By the way, the Prime Minister of Finland rejected the possibility of reopening the border with Russia. According to him, the issue of illegal migrants has not been resolved.