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Debris from downed missile falls in Kyiv, damages high-rise building

Debris from downed missile falls in Kyiv, damages high-rise building Explosion in Kyiv on June 30 (photo:

On Sunday evening, June 30, the Russian Federation launched a missile at the city of Kyiv. As a result of the fall of the missile fragments, a fire broke out in one of the buildings in the capital, reports the mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko, and the regional military administration.

According to Klitschko, air defense was operating in the Kyiv region during the alarm. However, later, emergency services were called to the Obolon district of the capital.

Later, he clarified that in the Obolon district, missile fragments fell on a residential building. There was a fire on the 8th and 9th floors.

The same information was confirmed by the Kyiv City Administration, adding that all the necessary emergency services and the State Emergency Service are already working at the scene.

According to updated reports, a multi-storey residential building was preliminarily damaged as a result of a missile strike in the Obolon district of the capital. A balcony on one of the floors caught fire.

Information about the victims is being clarified. All emergency services are working at the scene.

Later, Klitschko said that two women were injured as a result of falling debris. Doctors are providing assistance at the scene, they have an acute stress reaction.

"Balconies on two floors of the 14-storey building were partially destroyed. There is also a threat of balcony destruction on another floor. The fire in the building has been localized. Rescuers continue to check the apartments," Klitschko wrote.

Earlier today, an air alert was declared in Kyiv and a number of regions. The air force warned that a missile was flying towards the capital.

Also today, the Russians dropped a guided bomb on Kharkiv, destroying the Nova Poshta terminal there.