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Death toll increased in Kharkiv due to Russian strike

Death toll increased in Kharkiv due to Russian strike Illustrative photo: Russia strikes Kharkiv on March 20 (Getty Images)

The number of casualties resulting from the Russian missile strike on the city of Kharkiv during the daytime on March 20 has increased to 4 people, according to Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov and the prosecutor's office of the Kharkiv region.

"Unfortunately, the number of fatalities as a result of the terrorist attack by the Russians on Kharkiv has increased to four," Terekhov wrote on Telegram.

Earlier, three fatalities were reported.

In addition, the prosecutor's office reported that as of 4:30 PM, seven people were injured as a result of the missile strike on Kharkiv.

According to preliminary data, about 10 more people may be under the rubble.

Strike on Kharkiv

An explosion occurred in Kharkiv on March 20. It was later revealed that the occupiers once again struck one of the districts of Kharkiv. People may be under the rubble.

Later, it became known about the hits in the Holodnogirsky district, casualties, and an intense fire. Due to the shelling of Kharkiv on March 20, three fatalities and five injuries have already been reported. The occupiers struck at a printing house.

It is worth noting that in addition to the fire caused by the shelling of the Russian occupiers, a single-story warehouse building is burning on Hrekivska Street in the Levada district of Kharkiv. Eight units on tankers are extinguishing it."