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Czechia transfers its last Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine

Czechia transfers its last Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Czechia has transferred its Mi-24 helicopters as military aid. There are no more such aircraft left in the country, according to the Minister of Defense of Czechia, Jana Černochová.

It is noted that two weeks ago, the minister came to the government with a secret document and a proposal to supply Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine.

The Cabinet approved this decision secretly. Thus, Czechia has transferred its last Soviet-made helicopters to Ukraine.

"We no longer have equipment that could be donated," Černochová said.


Soviet/Russian attack helicopter, unofficially nicknamed the Crocodile.

It became the first Soviet and second in the world (after the AH-1 Cobra) specialized combat helicopter, as well as the first multi-role combat helicopter in the world with a removable chassis. Serial production began in 1971 and continues to this day.

It has numerous modifications and has been exported to many countries worldwide. It was actively used during the years of the Afghan War, as well as in many regional conflicts.

Supply of Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine

Last summer, the Czech Defense Minister announced that the country was receiving new helicopters from the United States, and the old Mi-24Vs were being decommissioned and planned to be transferred to Ukraine.

It was also reported in July that Poland had transferred a dozen Mi-24 combat helicopters to Ukraine to combat Russian aggression.