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Czech PM commits to continued arms supply for Ukraine

Czech PM commits to continued arms supply for Ukraine Photo: Prime Minister of Czechia Petr Fiala (

Czechia's defense industry will be able to provide military assistance to Ukraine in coordination with Western partners, according to Czechia's Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

Fiala stated that the number of weapons available to send to Ukraine has decreased in Czechia's military warehouses. However, he emphasized the country's capability to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine due to its strong defense industry.

"We have the opportunity to continue assisting Ukraine in the military sphere, thanks to our robust defense industry," said the Prime Minister.

He added that Czechia is among the countries that were among the first to come to Ukraine's aid. Therefore, Prague will continue to provide military support to Ukraine in coordination with Western partners.

Fiala did not specify the nature of the assistance, but he mentioned that it would be diverse, taking into account the onset of winter.

Assistance from Czechia

Czechia is one of Ukraine's key allies, supporting the country from the early stages of the full-scale invasion by Russian occupiers. Throughout the war, Prague has provided not only humanitarian but also military assistance to Ukraine.

For example, in mid-October, Czechia announced that, in collaboration with Denmark, they would supply Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles, battle tanks, heavy weaponry, and other equipment, both new and from Czech private companies' stockpiles, at Denmark's expense.

Recently, it was reported that Ukrainian soldiers would be able to continue training in Czechia next year. The proposal from the government was approved by the Chamber of Deputies