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Czech farmers threaten to block border: Reason revealed

Czech farmers threaten to block border: Reason revealed Illustrative photo: Czech farmers threaten to block the border (Getty Images)

Farmers from Czechia and other Central and Eastern European countries will participate in an international protest action on February 22, informs News CZ.

On Monday, a group of farmers set out with heavy equipment towards Prague, where they plan to block a major highway.

According to the spokesperson of the Agricultural Chamber, Barbora Pankova, it is impossible to predict the exact number of tractors and heavy machinery that will head to the border.

"We cannot rule out the closure of border crossings and roads," said Pankova.

Agricultural organizations from Central and Eastern Europe are discussing issues with the European Union. From Monday to Tuesday, a meeting of agricultural organizations from Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Latvia is taking place in Otrebusy, Poland (on the outskirts of Warsaw).

Some Czech farmers are dissatisfied with the state of agriculture in the country. As a protest, on February 13, they held a demonstration near the Ministry of Agriculture in Tesnov.

It is expected that in Prague on February 14, between 600 and 1000 tractors and other agricultural machinery will gather. Farmers plan to block one of the highways in Prague.

Farmers' protests

It has been reported that Polish farmers have announced a complete blockade of the border with Ukraine.

Earlier, we reported that Hungarian farmers began their protest on February 9 at the border with Ukraine.