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Coup in Niger - Junta demands French troop withdrawal

Coup in Niger - Junta demands French troop withdrawal The junta in Niger demands France to withdraw troops (photo: Getty Images)

In Nigeria, the military junta has called upon France to withdraw its contingent from the country by September 3, according to Sky News Arabia.

The "National Council for Homeland Defense," created by the junta, has issued this call.

One of the largest French airbases is currently located in Niger, and the size of the French contingent in the country amounts to around 1,500 military personnel. Additionally, there are military personnel from the USA, Italy, and Germany stationed there.

The coup in Niger

At the end of July, the security detail of the incumbent president of the country, Mohamed Bazoum, took him hostage and declared the overthrow of the government. Following this, the leader of the presidential guard, Abdurahman Chiani, declared himself the new head of Niger.

The countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) announced plans for a military intervention in Niger if Bazoum is not released. In response, the junta threatened to assassinate the president in the event of an invasion.

Subsequently, the junta called on the French ambassador to leave the country. In response to this, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that France would support any military or diplomatic efforts by ECOWAS countries. Meanwhile, the junta secured the support of Mali and Burkina Faso.