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Counteroffensive - not IPSO. SPRAVDI debunked another Russian fake

Counteroffensive - not IPSO. SPRAVDI debunked another Russian fake SPRAVDI debunked fake claims about the Ukrainian IPSO (photo: Getty Images)

Reports claiming that the Ukrainian counteroffensive turned out to be nothing but disinformation have been debunked, according to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

Russian Telegram channels, citing a purported story allegedly broadcasted by the 1+1 channel, have claimed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive was not genuine military action but rather a psychological operation aimed at disinformation against the Russian Federation.

However, journalists from Gvardia Media clarified that the television channel did not air such a story, asserting that fake creators fabricated it using various materials.

"Yes, footage featuring Ukrainian military and military equipment was taken from the Falcon Studio video released in December 2015. The images of a man in a hood come from the music video of the Russian singer Hudson," the center reported.

Russia, through such disinformation campaigns, seeks to undermine the achievements of the Ukrainian Defense Forces during the counteroffensive. In reality, however, the Kremlin appears to be apprehensive about its continuation.

Recently, a video surfaced online featuring the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valerii Zaluzhny, seemingly urging Ukrainians to stage a revolution and advising the military not to obey criminal orders from the authorities.

Terrorists have specifically employed artificial intelligence to fabricate entire narratives, such as the purported power outage in Ukraine. These videos have been disseminated on social media platforms.