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Corruption in Ukraine sees significant decline during war, reaches lowest point in 20 years

Corruption in Ukraine sees significant decline during war, reaches lowest point in 20 years Serhiy Marchenko, Ukrainian Minister of Finance (Photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

According to the inverview with Serhiy Marchenko, Ukrainian Minister of Finance, for Radio Svoboda/Radio Liberty, recent times have witnessed a remarkable reduction in the level of corruption within Ukraine. Amidst the ongoing war, corruption has assumed a different pattern.

"Corruption within Ukraine needs to be analyzed from various angles. Allow me to explain. With my substantial experience, some might even call me a seasoned 'taxman.' Over the course of 20 years, during which I've comprehended the dynamics of this nation, the current level of corruption is the lowest it has been. Perhaps in certain sectors, it remains relatively high. But, on the whole, within the system," he shared.

Marchenko emphasized that such conclusions stem from his experience, his "intuition," and a "certain understanding of the figures."

"Presently, corruption as a phenomenon is under constant public scrutiny. Undertaking actions that were feasible, let's say, during the Yanukovych era is extremely challenging. We no longer have enrichment, and we lack ministerial positions that are easily turned into oligarchic strongholds. Could this be an argument? Perhaps? Maybe," the minister elaborated.

According to Marchenko, the efforts of civil organizations, media attention, the work of institutions like National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), among others, have yielded results.

"With some delay, yet there is an effect. Even our partners comprehend this. They are willing to acknowledge the potential for corruption within our environment. This is because no one can assert that warfare conclusively eradicated corruption. It's plausible that corruption adapted to a different form during the war," he conveyed.

Commenting on numerous reports of corruption within the Ministry of Defense, Marchenko remarked, "Every sector bears its share of responsibility, including the defense sector. Regrettably."

Threat level assessment

In the most recent National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) survey of top executives from financial institutions, there has been a significant shift in the list of primary risk sources in the financial sector.

The only unchanging perspective among respondents pertains to the foremost risk - the ongoing war with Russia continues to pose the highest risks for the system (97%).

Simultaneously, the factors of corruption, law enforcement activities, and the judicial system, which in the past two surveys barely made it to the top ten, have now resurged to the second position among leading risks (77%).