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Contracting your stomach harms your health - Doctor's advice

Contracting your stomach harms your health - Doctor's advice Why you shouldn't contract your stomach (photo: Freepik)

Many believe that sucking in your stomach can help hide extra weight. However, this is not the case. This method can seriously harm your body, according to the Ukrainian doctor and health expert Ulyana Werner.

What harm does it do

According to the expert, when a person walks with their stomach sucked in, they hinder the normal functioning of the diaphragm, which is located under the lungs and should move normally - on inhale and exhale.

The diaphragm is connected to the movement of the pelvic floor muscles, which also provide a normal breathing pattern, as well as to the deep core muscles, such as the transverse abdominal muscle.

Therefore, when you suck in your stomach, all three of these structures cannot produce an adequate breathing pattern.

The consequence of constantly sucking in your stomach will only be that your stomach will protrude more and more. Moreover, it will become harder to suck it in.

What will help

Ulyana Werner added that if there is a problem with this protruding stomach, then weight loss definitely won't help to get rid of it.

A comprehensive approach is needed:

  • work on breathing
  • core muscle training
  • strengthening of pelvic floor muscles

Sucking in the stomach is prohibited during pregnancy.

Engaging in stomach sucking is not recommended for gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases.

Additionally, it is not recommended to tighten the stomach with corsets or belts. They not only do not contribute to weight loss but can also harm your health.

Moreover, pulling in the abdominal muscles leads to the so-called hourglass figure syndrome, when the upper part of the abs becomes stronger than the lower part. This causes back pain and breathing problems because this body position hinders abdominal breathing by the diaphragm.

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