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Containment needed: Czech MFA warns of boundless Russian imperial ambitions

Containment needed: Czech MFA warns of boundless Russian imperial ambitions Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechia Jan Lipavský (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Russian imperial ambitions know no bounds. That's why it's necessary to continue assisting Ukraine and increase pressure on Russia, states the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechia, Jan Lipavský.

He is convinced that Russian imperial ambitions know no borders, and if Russia were allowed to do so, it would without hesitation attack other countries of the former Eastern bloc.

"The defeat of Ukraine will bring new resources to the victors and open the door for further 'special military operations' in Central and Eastern Europe," Lipavský says.

What Lipavský also said

According to the head of Czech diplomacy, it is necessary to set limits to Russian imperial ambitions.

He also adds that the war in Ukraine is also a Czech war because the future is at stake. And if Russia is allowed to destroy Ukraine, if its aggression goes unpunished, other "predators" around the world will follow suit.

According to Lipavský, Europeans have long suffered from "strategic procrastination" after the end of the Cold War. Many in Europe believed that the fall of communism would usher in an era of peace, democracy, and prosperity. However, according to the Czech Foreign Minister, this led to the ignoring of clear warnings, such as Russia's war in Georgia, the occupation of Crimea, and the killings of opponents of the Kremlin regime.

Czechia and its attitude towards Russia against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine

Ukraine may receive the first batch of ammunition within a few weeks as part of an initiative in which Czechia acts as an intermediary. It coordinates governments wishing to finance the purchase of 155mm projectiles from third countries.

Czech President Petr Pavel recently stated that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, after re-election in the next elections, may focus on the complete seizure of the occupied territories. Including, Donbas.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that Czechia would no longer issue visas and residence permits to Russians and Belarusians due to the invasion of Ukraine.