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Consul General of Poland in Ukraine condemns farmer protests: 'They are not real Poles'

Consul General of Poland in Ukraine condemns farmer protests: 'They are not real Poles' Polish Consul General in Lviv condemns farmers' protests at the border (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Polish Consul General in Lviv Eliza Dzwonkiewicz condemned the actions of Polish farmers on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

"I can no longer remain silent. Out of love for my homeland. I cannot pretend that I do not see these shameful actions of Poland on the Polish-Ukrainian border. I apologize to you, dear Ukrainian friends. What is happening cannot be my compatriots' work," Dzvonkiewicz writes on Facebook.

She also recalls the events of the Warsaw Uprising. She thought that only the Russians, who refused to land allied planes with aid for Warsaw, could behave in such a shameful manner.

"And what are 'Polish' farmers and transport workers doing today? I don't believe they are Poles... A true Pole would never stab a neighbor who is fighting for freedom. It's not about the demands, it's about the form of protest. Shame and disgrace. I apologize to the warring Ukraine, I'm sorry," Dzvonkevych adds.

Ukraine-Poland border situation

Since November 2023, Polish carriers have been on strike at the border with Ukraine. In January, the border was unblocked after an agreement was signed between the carriers and the Polish government.

In February, protests at the border resumed. Farmers are blocking the checkpoints. Recently, they announced a "total blockade" of the border and began pouring out Ukrainian grain.

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